Dead rising dakota
Status Unknown
Location Outskirts of Willamette
Killed By Zombies

Dead Rising
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Dakota is a victim in Dead Rising and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.

She was seen trying to escape the zombie outbreak in Willamette with her mother Connie.

Opening CinematicEdit

Dakota and her mother Connie were seen trying to escape Willamette in their car. After running over a zombie, Connie tries to comfort her daughter, but is caught off guard when an out of control semi-trailer truck nearly collides with their car, clipping its rear end and sending them spinning.

Connie is knocked momentarily unconscious, and regains consciousness as several dozen zombies close in on them. She attempts to start her car, but the engine fails after several attempts. She and Dakota are presumably killed by the zombies.


  • Connie and Dakota bear a striking resemblance to Cliff Hudson's daughter and granddaughter in the photo in his wallet.[1]
  • Frank never encounters Connie or Dakota, so neither character is listed in Frank's notebook. They do, however, appear in the Characters section in the game manual.
  • Dakota is wearing a Colorado Aspens ball cap.



  1. Dead Rising: The Big List Of Stuff, Newcenstein.

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