Connor McMann
Connor Wallpaper
Location Virago Hotel Entrance
PP 2,000PP

Connor McMann is a survivor in Dead Rising 4.

He was the receptionist and bartender of the Virago Hotel. Frank and Brad will find him here upon entering. Connor will offer Frank a gun from the table in front of him. By talking to Connor, he will inform Frank that the outbreak started on Black Friday, the day of the Willamette Mall's grand reopening. While Brad tries to open the maintenance tunnel entrance, Connor will help Frank fend off against the incoming soldiers and zombies.

After gaining entrance to the maintenance tunnels, Connor formally introduces himself and tells Frank where he might be able to find Vick. He then leaves to join a militia effort in West Ridge. That effort was leaded by HammondJessa and Jordan. Frank later finds Connor at Willamette Jr. High School, fighting against Obscuris

A cellphone inside the Virago Hotel Panic Room can be found, where Frank can listen to Connor's job interview for the hotel. 


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