Combo Weapons are special weapons in Dead Rising 3 that are made from a combination of two weapons. Nick Ramos can build combo weapons on the spot, and does not need to use a Maintenance Room.

Nick can create combo weapons by finding blueprints spread throughout Los Perdidos. There are over 100 combo weapons to create, as well as new Super Combo Weapons. He can also find blueprints for vehicles and create Combo Vehicles.

Additionally, as Nick gains PP over the course of the game, he can unlock Weapon Categories, which allow him to more efficiently build Combo Weapons. With a particular category unlocked (for example, 'Blades', or 'Blunt Weapons') any item belonging to that category can be used in place of a similar item in a Combo Weapon's blueprint. For example, with 'Firearms' unlocked, Nick can combine any two guns to build the Z.A.R, instead of specifically using a Shotgun and an Assault Rifle.

Ultimately, Nick can combine combo weapons with ordinary weapons to create Super Combo Weapons.

Combo WeaponsEdit