Colby's Movieland
Store Number L1
Location Entrance Plaza
Survivor(s) Nathan Crabbe
Michelle Feltz
Ray Mathison
Beth Shrake
Cheryl Jones
Psychopath(s) Sean Keanan
Scoop(s) A Strange Group
Dead Rising
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Dead rising Colby's Movieland PANORAMA
"Catch the latest hit movies presented with our cutting edge sound system. Ask about our discount program."
—Willamette Parkview Mall Map

Colby's Movieland is the only movie theater inside of the Willamette Parkview Mall in Dead Rising.

It is located in Paradise Plaza and features five cinemas, a concession stand, restrooms and a gift shop. It is one of the largest establishments in the mall. There are restrooms in this theater, other than Flexin' this is the only store which has a save point.

During the first day, it is largely inhabited by zombies. The theatre is eventually taken over by the True Eye cult during the second day, after encountering them during the unannounced scoop The Cult.

Cinema 4 is used as the ritualistic grounds for the cult. Frank West can defeat the group's Sean Keanan during the scoop A Strange Group. Afterwards, the theatre will no longer be inhabited by any True Eye members.

True Eye CultEdit

After the unannounced Paradise Plaza scoop The Cult on Day 2 at 1:00 pm, the True Eye Cult take over this theater. During this time, no zombies are found in the theater.

Dead rising raincoat cult colby's movieland theaters 1 2 and 5 Dead rising raincoat cult colby's movieland theaters 1 2 and 5 (2) Dead rising raincoat cult colby's movieland theaters 1 2 and 5 (3)

Theaters one, two, and five have several cult members inside and the hallway to theaters three, four, and five is blocked by cult members.

The scoop A Strange Group takes place in theater four. After this scoop, the cultists disappear, and the zombies immediately return to the theater.

Show TimesEdit

  • Cinema 1 - Pride 
  • Cinema 2 - Dorry
  • Cinema 3 - Megaman 2
  • Cinema 4 - Dealers
  • Cinema 5 - Ratman



Gift Shop

Concession Area


Theater 1

Theater 2

Theater 3

Theater 4

Theater 5


PP Stickers Edit

ColbysMovieland Entrance sign before entering the theatre has a PP sticker on it.
Pride movie poster Movie poster for "Pride" with PP Sticker on it.
Dory movie poster Movie poster for "Dorry" with PP Sticker on it.
Ratman Movie Poster "Ratman" movie poster with PP Sticker on it.
Megaman Movie Poster with PP Sticker Megaman movie poster with PP Sticker on it.
Ratman cutout Ratman cardboard cutout with PP Sticker.
Megaman cutout Megaman 2 movie cutout with PP Sticker.
Ratman statue The Ratman Statue in front of the Gift Shop with a PP Sticker.
Ticky the Fox A cardboard cut out of Ticky the Fox in front of the gift shop with a PP Sticker.
Ticky Cut Out Movieland PP Sticker The other Ticky the Fox cardboard cut out behind the Ratman statue with another PP Sticker.


  • It is the only business besides Flexin' to have restrooms where Frank can save his game.
  • One of the movies now showing at Colby's, Mega Man 2, is a reference to Capcom's Mega Man franchise.
  • The name "Movieland" references another Capcom series, Viewtiful Joe, in which Movieland is a world of cinematic fiction where Joe fights evil to rescue his girlfriend.
  • The Dorry movie may be a reference the character by the same name in the Disney film "Finding Nemo".
  • Before Frank West was confirmed to become a playable character in Project X Zone, a picture of Colby's Movieland was first shown along with other stage's picture displayed at the official website, possibly hinting that Frank West will appear before then.


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