Location Quarantine Station

"Man, she put my nuts back in there!"
—Clyde, about Rhonda

Clyde is a victim in Dead Rising 3.

He is one of the members of Hunter's biker gang. He and Mel grab hold of Rhonda when Nick and Rhonda get ambushed at the Quarantine Station during Chapter 1, and drags her into a storeroom. Fortunately, she puts his "nuts back up in there" and the two give up before turning their attention to Nick.

Before they are able to do anything, however, Hunter drives his RollerHawg into him and Mel, killing them both.


  • Both he and Mel appear in The Broken Eagle DLC shooting a rocket at the military helicopter as the team arrives in Los Perdidos.
  • He and Mel both appear briefly in the Chaos Rising DLC.


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