Clueless No More
DR2 CZ 012 Clueless No More
Description Purchased a clue from Dick, the pawnshop owner. He drives a hard bargain.
Trophy/Points Value 10 G

Clueless No More is an achievement in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

This achievement is unlocked by purchasing a clue from Dick Jones the pawnshop owner. Dick will give clues for Chuck on where to find the bike parts.

A total of $3,500 is needed to buy both of Dick's clues. Chuck can get a large chunk of money by rescuing Gemini Vargas and bringing her back to the Safe House. Money can also be earned by playing the slots and smashing ATM's.


  • The first clue costs $1,000 and leads Chuck to find the Shed Key to where he can find the bike forks.
  • The second clue costs $2,500 and leads Chuck to the back alley of Still Creek Movie Theater to where he will find the bike engine.

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