Clown Car
Dead rising Clown Car
Type Vehicle
Location Uranus Zone
Silver Strip
Platinum Strip

The Clown Car is a vehicle and weapon found exclusively in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

The Clown Car can carry up to 8 passengers, the most of any vehicle in any Dead Rising game. The Cramped Quarters achievement is awarded for doing so.

The Clown Car spawns at the following times/locations:[1]


  • The Clown Car, like the 4x4, can be driven through Uranus Zone's Alien Head entrance connecting to Fortune Park.
  • In the art gallery on the start menu of Off the Record, revealed that Capcom had planned another Clown Car but with Adam MacIntyre. However, it is not in the game.
  • The Clown Car features the sight-gag of the rear bumper being shaped like a pair of buttocks, with the exhaust pipe sputtering a plume of green gas.
  • There is a logo featuring Evan MacIntyre on the back of the Clown Car with the slogans "I Love Ice Cream" and "Stilt Clown Extraordinaire".
  • The Clown Car is a humorous reference to the traditional circus gag of having many clowns emerge from a seemingly small vehicle.
  • Taking a picture of the rear of The Clown Car will award Frank an Outtake picture worth 50 Prestige Points



  1. Times according to the OTR Missions.txt file.