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Case 5-2: The Getaway

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Case 5-2: The Getaway
TK's Helicopter
Goal Don't let TK escape.
Destination Fortune City Hotel
Previous Case Case 5-1: Stake Out
Next Case Case 6-1: Help Arrives
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Case 5-2: The Getaway is a case file in Dead Rising 2.


Chuck Greene heads to the roof of the Fortune City Hotel to stop Tyrone King from escaping Fortune City in a helicopter. He must fight four mercenaries in the hotel lobby and one in the elevator as he boards it to reach the rooftop.

After TK starts to take off in the helicopter, Chuck manages to attach a cable from a construction crane to the chopper's landing gear, preventing it from taking off. He then proceeds to damage the helicopter's rotor, making it inoperable.

TK is knocked unconscious in the crash landing, and Chuck takes him back to the emergency shelter, where Raymond Sullivan handcuffs him to a hospital bed so they can interrogate him when he wakes up.


  • Survivors can be taken up to the roof with you though they will not be able to help you attack the helicopter. 
  • The fastest way to damage the rotor is to throw items at it. Military Cases and metal barricades can be found on the rooftop which both cause a substantial amount of damage.
  • It is wise to take cover or to keep moving when being shot at, as this stuns Chuck, making him vulnerable to attacks.


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