Dead Rising 2 - Case 5-1: Stake Out Off the Record - Case 5-1: The Source 

Case 5-1: Stake Out
Case 5-1 Stake Out
Goal Wait for the Helicopter.
Destination Safe House Rooftop
Previous Case Case 4-1: The Source
Next Case Case 5-2: The Getaway
Goal icon
Wait for TK's helicopter.

Case 5-1: Stake Out is a case file in Dead Rising 2.


After defeating the twins and rescuing Rebecca, she informs Chuck that TK may be planning to leave the city. Chuck is told by Rebecca to meet her on the rooftop of the Safe House at 7PM to look for any signs of TK's chopper.

When he gets there, the pair wait for a helicopter, which is eventually spotted landing on the roof of the Fortune City Hotel. At the end of the custcene, the next case file, Case 5-2: The Getaway, starts as Chuck heads for the hotel.




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