Dead Rising 2 - Case 3-2: Run for the Money Off the Record - Case 4-2: Run for the Money 

Case 4-2: Run for the Money
Armored Van
Description TK's trying to rob the city and leave town. I've got to stop him.
Previous Case Case 4-1: Boom Town
Next Case Case 5-1: The Source
Goal icon
Destroy the three power drills in the three casinos and the van in Fortune Park.

Case 4-2: Run for the Money is a case file in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It is the equivalent of the Dead Rising 2 case file Case 3-2: Run for the Money.


Frank West must run around Fortune City in order to prevent TK and his thugs from robbing the three main casinos. TK's plan is to open up the casino vaults using drills, and to then take all of the money from them. There is a vault at the Americana Casino, the Slot Ranch Casino, and the Yucatan Casino. The mercenaries are trying to enter the vault at the Atlantica Casino from Fortune Park, attempting to load all the money into a van. 

After destroying the three drills, Frank must go to Fortune Park and destroy the van. After defeating the mercenaries and the van, a cut scene focuses on TK talking to his men over a walkie-talkie over the failed heist. TK is now planning on staying in Fortune City longer, and walks off with one of his thugs.  

Rebecca Chang has been taping the entire fight between Frank and the mercenaries. She moves in with her video camera to take better footage of the scene. As the van explodes, Frank is able to quickly tackle her out of harm's way. The two get up, unharmed. After speaking about TK's motives some more, Rebecca decides that it's time for Frank to meet her source. She tells Frank to meet her later that night at Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino.


Dead rising rebecca
TK: Dammit! What do I pay you people for? We're staying a bit longer than planned, boys.

[TK walks away and his henchman follows him. The scene shifts back to the battlefield.]

Rebecca: Fan-tastic.

[As Rebecca gets dangerously close to the flaming van, Frank grabs her and leaps away from the ensuing explosion.]

Frank: You really need to watch yourself out there kiddo. I hope I don't have to do everything for you.

Rebecca: Touché, Frank. You need me to stick around and stay on top of the story?

Frank: You do come in handy.

[Rebecca and Frank get up.]

Frank: Look, they're robbing the whole damn city. That's why TK started this. For money. We sure got our story now.

Rebecca: Our story? Hmm. I've got a meeting with my source tonight. I think maybe it's time you met.

Frank: Oh yeah? I guess I'm not such a burden anymore.

Rebecca: I think this is kind of a special case, Frank. I'll meet you at Bennie Jack's in the Americana.

Frank: Wouldn't miss it.



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