Dead Rising 2 - Case 3-1: Boom Town Off the Record - Case 4-1: Boom Town 

Case 4-1: Boom Town
Case 4-1 (OTR)
Goal Return to the Safe House.
Destination Safe House
Description Stacey just called, Rebecca wants to talk to me in the Safe House.
Previous Case Case 3-2: Sign of Life
Next Case Case 4-2: Run for the Money
Goal icon
Return to the Safe House.

Case 4-1: Boom Town is a case file in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It is the equivalent of the Dead Rising 2 case file, Case 3-1: Boom Town.


Frank receives a call from Stacey over the transceiver asking him to return to the Safe House to speak with Rebecca.

When Frank returns to the Security Room, he discusses what he knows so far with Rebecca. As they question TK's motives, the group feels an explosion from outside.

Upon closer inspection of the monitors, it's revealed that somebody is breaking into all of the casino vaults around Fortune City. Stacey can't determine who's doing this, however, so Rebecca quickly leaves to investigate with Frank following close behind her.


Brave or stupid?
Dead rising rebecca
Case 4-1 Boom Town off the record I don't know if she's really brave... or just really stupid

Frank: I don't know what TK's up to, but he's the one behind this.

Rebecca: TK? Are you sure?

Frank: He paid that poor sap to do it for him.

Rebecca: But that's not possible. Why would he let his own zombie supply loose? Sabotage his own show?

Frank: I'm sure he's got his reasons.

Rebecca: So you say.

Frank: Wait a minute. Is he the one who fed you that tape?

Rebecca: (Chuckles) Don't be ridiculous, Frank.

[A large explosion can be heard.]

Frank: Oh man, Not again.

Stacey: It sounded like it came from outside.

[Stacey, Frank and Rebecca look at the monitors.]

Stacey: Looks like someone might be messing with the casino vaults. I can't tell who it is, though.

Rebecca: Then I'd better get out there and find out for myself.

[Rebecca leaves in a hurry.]

Frank: Now who's ditching who?

Stacey: I don't know if she's really brave... or just really stupid.


The case file for this case states:

Case file off the record 4-1 boom town
GOAL: Stacey just called, Rebecca wants to talk to me in the Safe House


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