Case 4-1: Another Source
Case 4 1
Location Security Room
Start Time Time icon Day 2, Sept. 20th, 3pm
Expires Time icon Day 2, Sept. 20th, 4pm
Previous Case Case 3-1: The Professor's Past
Next Case Case 4-2: Girl Hunting
Dead Rising
Overview (cases/scoops) • BooksClothingFoodPsychopathsStoresSurvivorsWeapons
Goal icon
Reach the Security Room

Case 4-1: Another Source is the ninth case Frank West receives in Dead Rising.

It is activated by arriving at the security room after Otis calls Frank.


Isabela is seen on a surveillance video riding a motorcycle in the North Plaza. She dismounts and walks into Seon's Food and Stuff.

Frank decides to pursue her for information and leaves to find her.

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