Case 3-1: The Way Out
Location Shipping Office
Start Time 1am, September 30th
End Time 2am, September 30th

Case 3-1: The Way Out is a Case West case.

It is a one minute cutscene only. The source has downloaded the evidence, but needs Frank and Chuck to break in and let him escape. They need to cut the power, by destroying the generator with a detonator and C-4 explosives.


  • The most famous Dead Rising meme, "I've covered wars, you know" is refered to in this cutscene. While Chuck and Frank are waiting for their contact to get back them, Chuck is clicking a pen, irritating Frank to the point where he gets up, snatches the pen from Chuck’s hand, and tosses it across the room. To which Chuck responds: "Y'know, you’re a little high strung for a guy who’s covered wars."



Dead Rising 2 Case West - Case 3-1 Cutscene01:06

Dead Rising 2 Case West - Case 3-1 Cutscene

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