Case 2-3: Regroup
Goal Return to the Shipping Office.
Location Shipping Office
Start Time 4pm, September 29th
End Time 1am, September 30th
Goal icon
Return to the Shipping Office.

Case 2-3: Regroup is a Case West case.

It is a short 27 second cutscene only. The source says he has Frank's evidence, but he is trapped in the secure lab. He needs to override the security lock of the main lab doors, which will take time. Frank and Chuck will have a few game hours before Case 3-1: The Way Out, another cutscene case.



Dead rising case file case 2-3 case west

The message screen for this mission states:

GOAL: Check with the source
DESTINATION: Shipping Office Terminal
We should check back with the source at the Shipping Office Terminal.


Dead Rising 2 Case West - Case 2-3 Cutscene00:26

Dead Rising 2 Case West - Case 2-3 Cutscene

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