Dead Rising 2 - Chuck the Role Model Off the Record - Case 2-2: A Familiar Face 

Case 2-2: A Familiar Face
Case 2-2 (Off the Record)
Goal Locate the CURE protestor.
Destination Uranus Zone
Description That was the guy I saw with TK. Time to get to the bottom of this.
Previous Case Case 2-1: CURE-ious Information
Next Case Case 3-1: Confronting CURE
Goal icon
Locate and defeat the CURE Protestor.

Case 2-2: A Familiar Face is a case file in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It's the equivalent to the psychopath battle Chuck the Role Model in Dead Rising 2, but is necessary for the story in Off the Record.


Frank goes to Uranus Zone to find the male CURE protestor. He finds him in the men's washroom, holding Vikki Taylor hostage.

After being questioned about his role in the outbreak, Brandon remarks that it "wasn't supposed to go down like that." He sees the outbreak as a change, and by turning everybody into zombies, there will finally be equality between all.

He unleashes a zombie from one of the bathroom stalls in order to turn his victim. Frank shoves the zombie back into the stall and tells him that he's not helping anybody.

Brandon gets angry and exclaims that he's "taking this thing all the way!" He then uses his shard of glass to slit Vikki's neck, killing her before attacking Frank.

Once Brandon has been defeated, he commits suicide by slitting his own throat after one of the zombies bites him and he becomes infected. Vikki is unsaveable as she has already been killed. Stacey will call afterwards and ask Frank to come to the Safe House. 


Deranged protestor
Dead rising brandon
Dead rising off the record vikki dies
Dead rising off the record vikki dies (2)

Brandon: The movement is growing... soon, we'll all be part of the change...

Frank: Hey, you uh... you all right?

Brandon: It wasn't supposed to go down like that... but now, I see how radical it is. Now, my life has meaning again. It's perfect this way. So I'm on board now. It's the only way, man.

Frank: What about TK?

Brandon: I'm a soldier for the cause, man.

Frank: So it was you that started the outbreak.

Brandon: First it was horrible, the zombies, the zombies we've been trying to save... killing people, eating people... but then I saw how brilliant the plan is... it's the best way to end the oppression. It's so radical... it's beautiful, man.

Vikki: Please... help me.

Brandon: So I'm helping now. I'm a soldier for the cause, man.

Frank: No! This is not the way to help anyone!

Brandon: Oh, I see. You're losing the courage to do what needs to be done. Well, I have the guts, and I'm taking this thing all the way!

[Brandon slits Vikki's throat.]

Battle StyleEdit

  • Brandon attacks using a giant shard of glass. He will swing it at Frank, or come charging at him and attempt to stab him in a downwards motion. If he misses, there will be a momentary break from Brandon's attacks, and Frank can attack. 
  • In between attacks, he will disappear into a bathroom stall and appears again from another stall. This makes any sort of pattern difficult to pinpoint. 
  • When Brandon "taunts" (puts the shard of glass up to his neck), a PP sticker appears. Frank can take a photo to get a special shot.
  • Zombies will emerge from bathroom stalls periodically throughout the boss battle. This is a change from Dead Rising 2, where no zombies would appear in battle, only after.


  • In Dead Rising 2 Chuck confronts Brandon in the side mission Chuck the Role Model. Vikki is a rescuable survivor.
    • Vikki was made unrescuable to avoid clashing with the 8-survivor rule.
  • The Dead Rising 2 2-2 case is entitled: Case 2-2: Ticket to Ride.
  • Fight with Brandon is almost identical to the original version, but when Brandon disappears in the bathroom stalls, zombies will come out of them.
  • The money case TK gave Brandon earlier is found near the entrance containing $25,000.

The case file for this case states:

GOAL: That was the guy I saw with TK. Time to get to the bottom of this.


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