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Case 2-1: Chuck's Evidence

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Case 2-1: Chuck's Evidence
Location Shipping Office
Start Time 4 p.m., September 29
End Time 5 p.m., September 29
Psychopath None

Case 2-1: Chuck's Evidence is a case file in Dead Rising 2: Case West.


This case only acts as the opening cutscene for Case 2. After a quick conversation, Chuck and Frank are contacted by The Source via computer. The Source states that there if information that could possibly clear Chucks name in the directors office, but the office is locked by a keycard. Chuck and Frank have to locate the card in order to gain access.


Dead Rising 2 Case West - Case 2-1 Cutscene00:49

Dead Rising 2 Case West - Case 2-1 Cutscene

Case 2-1 Cutscene

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