Dead Rising 2: Sign of Life Off the Record: CURE-ious Information 

Case 2-1: CURE-ious Information
Case 2-1 (Off the Record)
Goal Return to the Safe House.
Destination Safe House
Description Stacey has some new information for me.
Previous Case Case 1-4: Alliance
Next Case Case 2-2: A Familiar Face
Goal icon
Return to the safe house.

Case 2-1: Cure-ious Information is a case file in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.


Frank returns to the Safe House after Stacey calls to inform him that she's found something in the monitors. A young man is seen dragging a female victim. Frank recognizes him as the man he saw taking money from TK before the outbreak started. Stacey identifies him as a member of CURE, but tells Frank that he's a new recruit. She speculates that TK must have planted him within CURE's organization to frame them.

Frank wants to find out what the man knows about all of this, and so he sets out to find him. Stacey warns him to be careful, to which Frank replies, "I've covered wars, you know."

Case 2-2: A Familiar Face is initiated right after this cutscene.


CURE-ious Information
Dead rising stacey
Frank: What's going on?

Stacey: I'm pretty sure I saw somebody dragging a girl into the washroom over here.

Off the record Case 2-1 CURE-ious Information 2

Frank: Oh yeah? Well maybe if we watch these monitors for a...

Off the record Case 2-1 CURE-ious Information 3 what the hell

Frank: what the hell?!

[Frank leans in for a closer look.]

Frank: Hey. That's the guy I saw taking money from TK.

Stacey: Oh no, not him! He's part of CURE!

Frank: He's part of CURE? I thought you said you were being set up.

Stacey: Frank, that guy was a new recruit. I never saw him before this protest.

[Stacey steps away from the monitors to gather her thoughts.]

Frank: Yeah, that's a good one.

Stacey: Of course. TK must have planted this guy in our group. To do his dirty work.

Frank: Oh yeah? Well I'm going to find out what he knows about this.

Stacey: Frank... be careful. It looks like he's gone off the deep end.

Frank: I've covered wars, you know.


Off the record cure-ious information I've covered wars, you know

The case file for this case states:

Case 2-1 off the record cure-ious information stacey has some new
GOAL: Stacey has some new information for me


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