Case 1-1
Location Loading Bay
Start Time 7 a.m., September 29
End Time Upon completion
Psychopath None

Case 1-1 (No official name) is a Story mission in Dead Rising 2: Case West. It serves as the introduction to the game.


After Chuck Greene is left behind during Ending A of Dead Rising 2, he is eventually confronted by Frank West on the rooftop of the Fortune City Emergency Shelter. After a brief exchange, Frank reveals that there is a Phenotrans Facility to the west of Fortune City, and hopes to uncover some details about the outbreak there. Unable to go with Rebecca Chang as he originally planned, he instead decided to go with Chuck.

After sneaking into the facility, Frank and Chuck find themselves trapped in a zombie pen, fighting to survive until the doors are eventually opened. After which, they make their way to the Shipping Office above to get in contact with Frank's source within the building.


  • Defeating the two Security Guards in the Shipping Office will award 1000 Prestige Points each.
  • The Map becomes available in the pause menu
  • The entrance way to the Holding Pens will no longer be blocked
  • The time will be set to 7:00 AM, September 29th and will now flow normally


Dead Rising 2 Case West - All Intro Cutscenes04:36

Dead Rising 2 Case West - All Intro Cutscenes

Introduction Cutscenes

Dead Rising 2 Case West - All Cutscenes from Case 1-102:34

Dead Rising 2 Case West - All Cutscenes from Case 1-1

Case 1-1 Cutscenes

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