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Boomerang (Dead Rising)
Dead rising Boomerang
Type Thrown
Uses 40 hits
Location Children's Castle
Ye Olde Toybox
Leisure Park
Dead Rising
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The boomerang is a weapon in Dead Rising.

This is a throwing weapon which does not do much damage. When Frank throws the boomerang, it will travel in a wide arc and will often come back to Frank, provided he is in a clear enough area. They are very difficult to use effectively, and are best used outdoors or in wide, open areas, due to the fact that they stop when they collide with a solid object (like a wall).

They are found in children's stores around the Willamette Parkview Mall. Its durability can be increased with the Hobby and Sports books.


  • Primary:Press 360 X button, or manually by holding down the Righttrigger and press 360 X button to throw the boomerang.

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