Blast Frequency Gun
Dead rising Blast Frequency Gun
Type Firearm
Uses 50
Location Underground Tunnels
Secret Laboratory
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Blast Frequency Gun (B.F.G.) is a weapon appearing late in Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record. It also appears in Case West. It can only be found in the underground, see locations, below. Its appearance is similar to a multicolor shotgun with holes.

The gun comes with 50 shots and shoots blue waves of noise which explodes heads with a plasma discharge surrounded by an electrical current that kills around 20-50 zombies, but does nothing against most psychopaths, doing very little damage, if any at all.

The official guide states that the B.F.G is a "special weapon engineered to be very effective versus gas zombies."[1]

This weapon can be combined with an Amplifier to create a Super B.F.G.. The Super B.F.G is the most powerful firearm in the game, but has only 15 shots before breaking.[1]

In Case West, the Blast Frequency Gun can be combined with an Impact Hammer to create the Impact Blaster or with a Electric Prod to create the Lightning Gun, which also works in Off the Record. Frank can improve it further by combining it with a Laser Sword to create the Laser Gun.


Dead rising blast frequency gun main
  • Main: Press X/Square to fire a blast of high-frequency sound waves that will burst the heads of Gas Zombies, killing them, or knock down regular zombies without doing damage.



  • Mark Bradson and Pearce Stephens will take significant damage and throw up when shot by this gun, allowing Chuck to get up close for an easy kill.
  • In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Mercenaries will use Blast Frequency Guns on Frank. Getting hit by the blast will induce spontaneous vomiting, making Frank drop his weapon and leaving him vulnerable to additional attacks.
  • The abbreviation "B.F.G." is a reference a PC game series called Doom, however, unlike in Dead Rising 2 in which the acronym stands for Blast Frequency Gun, the Doom acronym originally meant "Big Fucking Gun" or "Big Freaking Gun" (according to the Doom motion picture the acronym stands for "Bio Force Gun").
  • The Soldier Pack does not affect this gun at all.



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