Bike Forks
Bike Forks Inventory
Description One of the key parts to fix the bike in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.
Location Locked Shed
Case Zero Key Items

The Bike Forks are a case item in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.

The forks are one of the five bike parts, which must be collected and brought to the Safe House in order to fix the motorbike to escape from Still Creek.

To find them, use the Shed Key found in the second floor of Still Creek Hotel to unlock the small shed in the southeast corner of the map, directly east of the hardware store. Like the engine and Gasoline Canister, the forks are too large to fit into Chuck's inventory, and must be carried. Damage will cause Chuck to drop the Bike Forks.

It can also be used as a weapon. The bike forks are invincible (they never break) though weak.


Dead rising bike forks main
* Main: Tap 360 X button to swing.


Weapon Animations
Animation name Animation shared with
  1. Engine
  2. Bike Forks
  3. Bucket
  4. Tire
  5. Drill Bucket
  6. Roaring Thunder
  7. Handle Bar
  8. Wheel


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