Big Spender
DR2 A 033 Big Spender
Description Spent $6,000,000 total in Fortune City. Where did you get all that money?
Trophy/Points Value 20G

Big Spender is an achievement/trophy in Dead Rising 2.

It is unlocked for spending 6 million dollars in game. This is a cumulative total, and can be done across multiple playthroughs.


  • Gather a total of 4 million (or more), by playing Terror is Reality events or by gambling and then save your game. Buy the SUV Key and the Knight Boots to spend a total of 4 million dollars. Save your game after buying these two items onto a separate save slot. Reload and buy the items again, and you will now have the achievement. 
  • Other expensive items include the Burning Skull combo card from the Fortune Teller for $1,200,000, the Chopper for $1,000,000 and the Sports Car for $500,000.
  • A quick way to gain money for the achievement/trophy is to exploit the co-op trick of duplicating the Bargaining magazines so that the pawn shops will give Chuck money instead of taking it from him. See Money for a description on how to do this.