Difficulty Star
Item Stock Well Done Steak
Enemies 50 Zombies
Location Leisure Park
Mission Number 4
DR 023 The Artiste
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"Umm...Sorry, Frank. I couldn't get any items ready for you this time... But I'm sure you're fine handling those zombies!"

Beatdown is an Odd Job that can be found in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop. Frank must defeat 50 zombies only with melee attacks.


  • An easy way to get an S rank is to perform the Football Tackle and Giant Swing attacks.


  • 7 books:
    • SKILL: Neck Twist
    • SKILL: Giant Swing
    • SKILL: God Hand
    • SKILL: Hammer Throw
    • SKILL: Suplex
    • How to Fight Q&A
    • How to Get Buff


  • Frank wears a Demon Mask and Capcom Underwear during this job.

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