Dead rising Balloon Man

Balloon Man is a single-player sandbox challenge in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.[1]

The goal is to get to the balloon above the giant craps table as fast as you can. This challenge introduces a path in Royal Flush Plaza that the player may not have known about before. The player can acquire the Ninja Mask in the room near the top.[2]

  • Prerequisites: Kill 200 zombies.
  • Mission: Get to the balloon above the giant craps table as fast as you can!


  • The Quickstep and Repulse mixed juices are very helpful for this challenge.
  • Additionally, the player may also park the Sports Car at the top of the stairs before starting the challenge and, once they reach the top of the stairs, simply drive to the phone booth to jump up to the balloon.
  • The Super Slicer's alternate attack will also work, allowing the player to run quicker while also clearing out the zombies on the stairs and second floor.


  • Gold (0:40)
  • Silver (0:50)
  • Bronze (1:30)


  • Gold: $12,000
  • Silver: $8,000
  • Bronze: $4,000


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