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Air Horn
Air Horn CC
Type Combo Weapon
How to make Pylon + Spray Paint
Description Use the power of sound to defeat enemies.
Uses 10-15
Strength Good
Attack Speed Fast
PP 250 (500 with Combo Card)
Found Workbenches
Fits in Inventory Yes

The Air Horn is a combo weapon that can be made in Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

It is a can of spray paint attached to a pylon. Using it on nearby zombies will disorient them, grabbing their ears in pain while prolonged exposure will cause their heads to explode. It can also can be used as a "lure" to attract zombies away from survivors. However, the actual effective killing range of the air horn is very limited.


To attack use as a normal firearm by aiming with Ltrigger and firing with 360 X button or Righttrigger . The range however is very short.


  • Despite the combo card naming one specific type, any can of spray paint can be used to create this weapon.
  • The Air Horn is surprisingly effective against looters, since it kills them immediately.
  • It is very quiet in game compared to an air horn in real life.


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