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Acid Rain (Dead Rising 3)
DR4 Acid Rain
Type Combo Weapon
Awesomeness 7
Combine Flare Gun + Chemicals
Durability 10 shots
Speed Slow
Fits in Inventory Yes

Acid Rain is a combo weapon in Dead Rising 3.

It is created using a Flare Gun and Chemicals. The blueprints are given after finishing Chapter 6.

It is a modified flare gun with two capsules that hold corrosive acid. When fired, it creates a green mist that can kill a group of zombies within the radius.

Attacks Edit

  • Acid Shot: Pressing the X Button will cause Nick to fire a single round of corrisvee acid dealing moderate damage.
  • Acid Rain: Pressing the Ybutton button will cause Nick to fire a single round into the air that drizzles acid from above for a few seconds affecting multiple zombies.